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Donate Inventory

In the retail world, inventory refers to the goods and materials made or purchased and



held by a business until sold in exchange for immediate or future cash payment(s).

In MPNFP's world, inventory refers to the donated work, weather, and school-



appropriate clothing, hygiene products, and cleaning supplies we process and make



available for clients to purchase with voucher points.

Wearing gently pre-owned

  clothing is fine – clothes       can be cleaned and who       didn't grow up wearing            hand-me-downs?       

                       Inventory Donations                                                       Clothing    Hygiene    Cleaning 

New/Unopened         YES          YES           YES   

Used - Like New       YES*         NO            NO    

Dignity Drives           NO           YES           YES  

Funds to Purchase   YES**      YES           YES

  *Underwear must be unworn. **When requested/donated to                    meet a specific clothing need, ie. work boots

Using pre-opened hygiene and cleaning products is unsanitary & just .... 

gross. Even bleach.

Inventory FAQs

1. Do you take outgrown kids and/or baby clothes?
    We accept VERY gently pre-owned
weather and school appropriate clothing items for school-age children. There are several other organizations in and around Hamilton County that accept and provide infant and toddler items, including the Baby Pantry at Bethel Lutheran Church, 20650 N. Cumberland Rd., Noblesville, IN, 46062, 317-773-4315.

2. What kinds of adult clothing can I donate?

    The list of what we don't/can’t accept is much shorter:

  • anything dirty, covered with dog or cat hair, torn, stained, faded, and/or stretched out.

  • items that in any way depict, express, or refer to illegal substances/activity, vulgarity, politics/political commentary, derogatory stereotypes, or other such content.  

  • underwear that’s been on someone’s body.

3. What about pajamas, workout clothes, formal wear, swimsuits, etc.?

     Yes please! 

Hygiene & Cleaning Products

1. What kinds of hygiene and cleaning products should I donate?

     Shampoo, body wash, toilet paper, laundry detergent, kitchen cleanser…the same things financially secure adults regularly buy for themselves and their families to feel clean, healthy, and reasonably comfortable. 

2. Is there a list somewhere?

     There are 2 - the 32 voucher point product categories are separated into 8 groups of 4 each in a table on the Dignity Drives page and listed alphabetically here.

3. Can I order products online and have them shipped to MPNFP?"     


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