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We are actively searching for a space that can handle a "reverse mullet operation" - office in the back, shopping in the front. If not in Noblesville, must be on a regular bus route. Please let us know if you have or know of a place like that. Until then mail will find us at 607-B Maple Avenue, Noblesville, IN 46060

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Dignity Drives

      Most schools now require students to perform community service hours and colleges expect it on applications, while encouraging employees to “give back” has become the norm for private sector businesses small to ginormous. The Dignity Drive concept is appealing because the donor group gets to choose a specific category of related items to collect for donating to Marilyn’s Place, each with a catchy descriptive name like When I See You Smile for toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, and dental floss. Narrowing down the items sought simplifies the explanation for donor group members and the shopping for actual donors while automatically providing the brand, flavor, etc. variety our mission envisions - restoring dignity through freedom of choice.

        Category                                    Name                                                                         Items

A:  Dental Hygiene                     When I See You Smile             Toothpaste....Toothbrush….Mouthwash….Dental Floss       

B.  Body Hygiene I                     Fresh Like A Daisy                    Deodorant….Anti-Perspirant….Body Wipes….Body lotion

C.  Body Hygiene II                    The Powder Room                   Toilet Paper….Flushable Wipes….Tissues….Hand Soap: Liquid, Bar

D.  Body Hygiene III                   Shower Time                            Body Wash/Bar Soap....Disposable Razors….Shower Caps….Flip Flops 

E.  Facial Care                           Put on a Happy Face                Face Cleanser….Shaving Cream….Disposable Razors….Moisturizer

F.  Cleaning Supplies I               No Germs Here                        Anti-Bacterial Cleanser....Laundry Detergent….Bleach….Stain Remover

G.  Cleaning Supplies II             No Germs There                       Paper Towels….Scrub Brushes….Sponges….Liquid Dish Soap     

H.  Safety & First Aid                 Sun, Bugs, & Boo Boos             Sunscreen….Bug Spray….Band-Aids….Alcohol Pads