Dignity Drives

           “Participating in community service activities helps to

     enhance student resumes by allowing students to obtain work-

   related skills prior to graduation, builds good references for 

 for employers in regards to community involvement, and

     provides a forum to network with future potential employers. It also helps students develop civic and social responsibility

          skills and become more aware of what their community needs."         https://www.fnu.edu/community-service-important/

              “[C]ompanies that offer opportunities for their employees

           to get involved in helping better their community distinguish                        themselves from their competitors, and see many benefits,

                       including loyal customers and happier employees.” 

            https://bombbomb.com/blog/community-service-improves-                 company-culture/


        Covid-19 has hindered, if not eliminated, many of the programs and processes the Hamilton County, IN, community had relied on pre-Covid. The Dignity Drive concept is appealing because:

            1. We divided the 32 most-needed product categories into 8 subcategories of 4 related items with names such as When I See You Smile [toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash, and dental floss].

            2. Each DD group (or individual) chooses one of the 8 sub-categories, recruits donors & explains project, sets a project timeline, collects donations and deliveries them to MPNFP.

            3. Explaining the project to donor group members takes about 2 minutes.

            4. Reduces donor group members’ shopping time, effort, and to some extent expense.

            5. Naturally provides the variety of brands, forms, sizes, etc. our vision  of restoring dignity, self-esteem, and confidence through freedom of choice requires.

        Category                                    Name                                                                         Items

A:  Dental Hygiene                     When I See You Smile             Toothpaste....Toothbrush….Mouthwash….Dental Floss       

B.  Body Hygiene I                     Fresh Like A Daisy                    Deodorant….Anti-Perspirant….Body Wipes….Body lotion

C.  Body Hygiene II                    The Powder Room                   Toilet Paper….Flushable Wipes….Tissues….Hand Soap: Liquid, Bar

D.  Body Hygiene III                   Shower Time                            Body Wash/Bar Soap....Disposable Razors….Shower Caps….Flip Flops 

E.  Facial Care                           Put on a Happy Face                Face Cleanser….Shaving Cream….Disposable Razors….Moisturizer

F.  Cleaning Supplies I               No Germs Here                        Anti-Bacterial Cleanser....Laundry Detergent….Bleach….Stain Remover

G.  Cleaning Supplies II             No Germs There                       Paper Towels….Scrub Brushes….Sponges….Liquid Dish Soap     

H.  Safety & First Aid                 Sun, Bugs, & Boo Boos             Sunscreen….Bug Spray….Band-Aids….Alcohol Pads