Why Does the County with Indiana’s Highest Median
Household Income 
and Lowest Poverty Rate 
Need a Non-Food Pantry?

Let’s start with the poverty rate:

            Poverty thresholds are set by the U.S. government to indicate the least amount of income a person or family needs to meet their basic needs.

            Poverty rate refers to the number of people in a specified population whose income falls below their applicable minimum.   

2022 poverty chart.png

 40 hours a week

 x $7.25 minimum wage

             = $15,080

Barely enough for a single person, NOT enough for a single parent with 1 child   

 2022 Hamilton Cty Population* 

                  362,047 x 4.39%

 2022 Hamilton Cty Poverty Rate** 

                = 15,854 PEOPLE        

  *Estimated based on 2020 Census data.  **Census data does not include homeless,          incarcerated, or transient persons 

    because Census forms and workers

    are only sent to residential addresses.