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"Giving locally makes sense because you know where and how your charitable dollars are being spent. Local charities and non-profit organizations understand and embrace the interests and values of our community. 

Local charities have fewer layers of administration than international or national charities and more of your dollars are likely to go directly to delivering the service the charity or non-profit was established to provide.

In the end, giving closer to home improves our city’s quality of life and helps to build a stronger local community.”

Difficult is starting a nonprofit from scratch in the middle of a global pandemic with virtually no outside funding or volunteer manpower.

 Impossible is keeping it going and growing without help. Lots of help.

* Emotional: expressions of empathy, love, trust and caring - family, friends, clients


* Informational: advice, suggestions, and information - network coalitions & partnerships 

* Appraisal: information useful for self-evaluation - Digital Resource Clearinghouse          

* Instrumental: tangible aid and service - volunteers, donors, platforms        


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