Founding Board of Directors

Glenn Conn
 Board President

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    Glenn Meredith Conn was born in Richmond, Indiana, graduated from Kokomo (Indiana) High School, and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Indiana University-Bloomington. He stayed in Bloomington for several years, employed as a social worker for Hoosier Hills Food Bank, Community Kitchen of Monroe County, Martha’s House, a local homeless shelter, and founded Creators Unlimited, a local artists cooperative. He is also experienced in retail operations, including eight (8) years in receiving at Sears and five (5) years processing returns at Cabela's before retiring shortly after his 69th birthday.

     In 2018 Glenn decided to fulfill his longtime dream of founding a nonprofit corporation that could make an immediate and positive impact on his community. Being a Noblesville resident, he did some research on Hamilton County (a lot of research actually) and determined that a non-food pantry was needed. He named it Marilyn’s Place in honor of his mother, wrote a business plan drawing on what he’d learned about nonprofit operations working for food banks and a homeless shelter, and steadily pushed forward.   

 Hilary Bowe Ricks
 Board VP & Secretary

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Hilary Ricks was born in Syracuse, New York, and moved to Indianapolis, Indiana as a young child. She graduated from New Palestine High School, completed her Bachelor’s degree as a Political Science major with minors in Sociology and Women’s Studies at Indiana University – Bloomington, and went on to earn a Juris Doctorate degree from the Indiana University School of Law - Indianapolis.

     She practiced criminal defense law for 32 years, 6 as a Deputy State Public Defender and 26 as a private (ie. theoretically paid by clients) sole practitioner.  Stressed out, burned out, and feeling left out of family interactions, she closed her practice June 30th, 2018, and retired from that career. Committing to any kind time and energy-consuming project was the last thing she wanted to do but Glenn's initial ad seeking Board Members for the nonprofit he was just starting led to a lunch meeting. Less than 10 minutes into that meeting she knew she had to be part of bringing his mission and vision to fruition. 

 Eva Marie Marks 
 Board Treasurer

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Eva Marie Marks was born in Kokomo, Indiana and currently resides in rural Tipton County. She worked for Chrysler   Transmission for 30 years before retiring in 2007. She later completed the H&R Block Tax School because she enjoys working with numbers, making her the obvious choice for Treasurer of the founding Board of Directors. She is also Glenn's cousin. 

    Marilyn’s Place Incorporated

                                       N-F Pantry Participation Rules and Procedures 


  1. Our mission as a non-profit organization is to restore and affirm the dignity of our clients by providing free and equal

access to non-food quality of life necessities through a modified retail setting and freedom of choice voucher system. Like food pantries, Marilyn’s Place is intended to serve persons in need*, but instead of food we offer work/weather/school appropriate clothing, personal hygiene products, and cleaning supplies. *individual or household income at or below the applicable poverty level and/or livable wage standard.


   2. Requests for assistance are reviewed and considered regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, sexual

preference, or any other personal characteristic or belief of any applicant. Group accounts have no marital, cohabitation, blood relation, or other such requirement. Every member must, however, qualify as an individual or dependent (minors and disabled adults requiring similar care) applicant. And the Group Organizer must be present when any group member(s) use the Group’s voucher points. 


   3. Voucher points are allotted based on the age and number of the individual and/or group members and may be “spent”

however and whenever the individual or group choose, limited only by the current inventory and the presence of the primary applicant.


   4. To ensure our ability to help those truly needing assistance and choosing products for personal use rather than profit,

we reserve the right to require proof of need, including but not limited to tax returns, employment (hours, wages), and physical/mental impediments to employment as well as three (3) business days following receipt to verify the information, prior to allotting any voucher points, initial or refill.


   5. The unapproved use, including but not limited to sale for profit, of any goods or service directly or indirectly provide

Marilyn’s Place will be sanctioned up to and including permanent disqualification as an applicant and/or person included under an applicant. 


   6. Knowingly double dipping [being counted under more than one voucher account] is strictly prohibited and doing

or attempting to do so may result in permanent disqualification of the violator, group organizer, and/or group members as individual voucher holders and/or group voucher members.


   7. All persons - adults, children, clients, guests, staff, or visitor - shall be polite and respectful toward all other persons they

encounter in or on MPNFP property, including the parking lot and alleys that surround the building.  


   8. Visitors (clients, guests, other) shall be responsible for the behavior of any and all children they brought to the premises, individually or with others, as well any expense(s) related to damage resulting from inattention/neglect of said responsibility.


   9. Any person, group, and/or volunteer engaging in rude, boisterous, discourteous, racist, or other disrespectful behavior/conduct will be asked to leave and advised that failing to do so will subject them to arrest for trespassing and could result in a permanent ban.


  10. Marilyn’s Place reserves the right to refuse, withhold, and/or withdraw assistance to any individual, group member(s),

and/or group for any other reason, with the exception of  race, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, sexual preference, or other personal characteristic or belief.

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