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  •  Process inventory donations: record donor, item code, & points value

  • Data entry: digitize client & donor records

  • "Merchandise" inventory: clothing on racks, products on shelves 

  • Assist clients find sizes, calculate points, checkout

  • Answer phone, record and respond to voicemail messages

From Anywhere

Grant Writer(s)

1. Find grants we technically qualify for and have a realistic chance of getting 

2. Provide advice - what to

focus on, what not to, etc.

Client Finders

1. Contact township trustees

2. Contact city, county, state, and federal agencies

3. Distribute flyers/ brochures to shelters, food pantries, etc. 

Inventory Getters

1. Organize a neighborhood  Dignity Drive.

2. Declutter and donate - if you're not wearing it let us

give it to someone who will  


 Fund Raisers

1. Set up a sidewalk toll "booth" that accepts new hygiene/cleaning products. 

2.  Educate local businesses about MPNFP and why helping us benefits them.     

  • It’s good for your soul. Making time to lend a hand to others in your

       community strengthens character, teaches humility, and nurtures the spirit.

  • It’s good for your mental and emotional health. Helping other people

       stimulates increased production of the 4 hormones responsible for boosting         moods - dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins.

  • It’s good for your physical health. Decreases stress + increases activity 

       lower blood pressure = decreased risk of stroke, heart attack, etc.

  • It’s good for employers. Encouraging employees to get involved in helping better their community fosters loyal customers and a happier workforce.

  • It’s good for students. Develops civic and social responsibility skills.

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