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 “[C]ompanies that offer opportunities for their employees to get involved in helping better their community distinguish themselves from their competitors and see many benefits, including loyal customers and happier employees."  

https:// community-service-improves-company-culture/

       “Participating in community service activities helps to enhance student resumes by allowing students to obtain work-related skills prior to graduation, builds good references for employers in regard to community involvement, and provides a forum to network with future potential employers. It also helps students develop civic and social responsibility skills and become more aware of what their community needs."

https://www. service-important/   



  • Process inventory donations: record donor, item code, and value

  • Create digital record of handwritten info 

  • "Merchandise inventory" - restock clothing racks and commodity shelves 

  • Paint fitting room, restroom alcove, walls in shopping and storage areas

  • Install/replace lighting in shopping areas

  • Assist clients and potential clients with questions about program, voucher point balance, shopping, check out, etc

  • Answer phone, take messages as needed (Message Book)  

  • Voicemail: transfer pertinent information to Message Book


   The safety and comfort of clients, volunteers, and donors, is very important to us. With Covid-19 continuing to rank high on Indiana's survey-based list of mental and physical health concerns, hand and surface spray disinfectants available. Masks are optional but we have no problem wearing one on request and ask that unvaccinated persons wear masks as a social courtesy.

Safety Precautions


Not comfortable with extended social interactions yet? 

No problem!


Grant Writer(s)

1. Find grants we technically qualify for and have a realistic chance of getting 

2. Provide advice - what to

focus on, what not to, etc.

Client Finders

1. Contact township trustees

2. Contact city, county, state, and federal agencies

3. Distribute flyers/ brochures to shelters, food pantries, etc. 

Inventory Getters

1. Organize a neighborhood  Dignity Drive.

2. Declutter and donate - if you're not wearing it let us

give it to someone who will  


 Fund Raisers

1. Set up a sidewalk toll "booth" that accepts new hygiene/cleaning products. 

2.  Educate local businesses about MPNFP and why helping us benefits them.     

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