First Fundraising Event: "An Artsy Fundsy Evening" 

                  October 17, 2019 - Nickel Plate Arts


                                         Donors, Sponsors, Volunteers, & Special Guests


               * Aimee Bruno - Donor (art, $, and rocks), Volunteer (rock painting), Guest

               * Mary Cassedy - Volunteer

               * Doug Pritchard - Donor (photography) 

               * Daniel Knox and the University High School Jazz Combo  - Volunteers (live music)

               * Cheryl Reed - Donor, Guest (1/2 of  "what are YOU doing here" coincidence)

               *Justin Schuller and Claire Helman: Guests/Donors (other 1/2 of "what are YOU doing here" coincidence)

               *Paul Ardayfio: Guest (band parent), Donor (winning bidder) 

                *Brian Bopp: Guest (band parent) 

               *Chris Conley - Guest (in abstentia) 

               *Joni Schmidter - (drive by) Donor

               *Mark and Deborah Bowe, Annmarie Robertson, Carrie Skeen, Susan Crow Jones, Tim Robbins, Kassi Rigney, 

     Abby GrayJulie Cartmel, and Kristy Page - Donors            

               *Nickel Plate Arts and  J.C. Seig - Sponsors