Because it would be a lot harder to give away donated quality-of-life

                               necessities without a place to do it from.                               

     The Costs of Doing Business - For Profit, Nonprofit, Governmental:

     Operating Expenses are directly related to producing a product or service - materials, labor, and manufacturing equipment.

     Overhead Expenses related to running a business - rent, insurance, utilities, and marketing.         



Operating Funds Pay For:

- a place to collect, store, and distribute quality-of-life necessities,
    - supplies and services to keep the place clean, safe, and inviting,
       -telephone and internet access to reach and be reached by clients and donors,
         - purchasing hygiene and cleaning inventory when demand exceeds donations. 

“While several billion-dollar mega-gifts from wealthy individuals generate headlines that suggest all is well, in fact large institutions continue to amass resources, while nonprofits serving communities in need are barely getting by.”               
The New Normal: Capacity Building During a Time of Disruption https://www.nonprofitimpactmatters.org/site/assets/files/1/nonprofit-impact-matters-sept-2019-1.pdf