End-of-Summer Tag Sale                      + Opening Celebration

    August 28th - 30th*, 2020

We had such a great time meeting our neighbors and talking about our mission in June (see photos below) that we didn't want to wait until next summer to do it again.


  And now that we’re finally open and providing members of our Hamilton County community with free and consistent access to non-food quality of life necessities we can’t wait to celebrate how far we've come despite so many unexpected setbacks.

So we're doing both this Friday, August 28th and Saturday, August 29th.

Sunday, August 30th, too, if we get rained out for more than 4 hours either day. Hopefully not both!


Tag Sale & Open House

   June 19 & 20, 2020

Funds raised at this  paid for these

2020-6-20 Fox still 1.png

Fundraiser - October 17, 2019 - Nickel Plate Arts


               * Aimee Bruno for donating $, art, and rocks + attending the event + supporting/calming Hilary since setting the date with Nickel Plate Arts.

               * Mary Cassedy for not hesitating a second to say yes when asked to spend 3+ hours that could (and did) include cooking and serving the food, bartending, and rock painting.

               * Doug Pritchard for also saying yes immediately to donating 3-4 hours of photographing the event and, as always, taking fabulous pictures memorializing the co-founders' first official fundraiser.

               * Daniel Knox and the University High School Jazz Combo for not only playing so well for so long between breaks, but spending extra time practicing to do it.

               * Cheryl Reed for donating, showing up to represent the bunconians, and adding a “too random to be random” moment to the event.

               *Joni Schmidter for drive-by donating.

               *Hilary's sister Lauri Cook-Lamica, brother and sister-in-law Mark and Deborah Bowe, bunconian sista Annmarie Robertson, soul sister Carrie Skeen, and sisters by choice Abby GrayJulie Cartmel, and Kristy Page for supporting the cause financially and her psyche emotionally.

               *Justin Schuller and Claire Helman for showing up and Being the Art.

               *Band parents Paul Ardayfio and Brian Bopp for paying to be there to support their sons, and Paul for bidding on and winning 2 unique art works.

               *Chris Conley, Hilary's long time friend and 1 of 5 remaining CCBBC members, for letting her guilt him into buying a ticket even though he’d be in another State on the 17th.

               *Susan Crow Jones, Tim Robbins, and Kassi Rigney for proving that having a wide variety of good people in an ever-growing circle of friends is one of life's greatest blessings. 

               *Nickel Plate Arts for providing the perfect location for an event called An Artsy Fundsy Evening, and Officer Manager J.C. Seig for finding answers to our pre-event questions, helping us set up and clean up, and graciously taking our guests on a guided tour of the Judge Stone House.