While not impossible, it

  • Operating funds pay for 1) the place, 2) supplies and services to keep it clean, safe, and inviting, 3) telephone and internet access to reach clients and donors, and 4) hygiene and cleaning products to supplement inventory when donations lag behind demand.

  • Yet raising funds for operating expenses is the hardest and most time-consuming part of sustaining and growing any organization that relies on human kindness, compassion, and generosity to exist. ​

  • Donate to Sell/Shop to Donate evolved from selling a donated exercycle on Facebook Marketplace to selling donated non-inventory goods at the Spring FUNdraiser Tag Sale, Fall Salebration Tag Sale, and online year-round.   

  • Donors get to declutter without the hassle of selling online or in their yard and benefit their community - one individual or group at a time.

"Giving locally makes sense because you know where and how your charitable
dollars are being spent. Local charities and non-profit organizations understand
and embrace the interests and values of our community.
Local charities have fewer layers of administration than international or national charities and more of your dollars are likely to go directly to delivering the service the charity or non-profit was established to provide. In the end, giving closer to home improves our city’s quality of life and helps to build a stronger local community.”

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