(AKA Latest Statistics & Status Updates)

October 1 – 31. 2021: Open 23 days, 4 hours each
  • 31 Individual (IM) and Primary Group Members (PGM) signed in.
    • “Shopping” for 97 adult and minor Individual and/or Group Account Member clients.
  • 4 new Group accounts, representing 12 of the 97 Member clients.

    • Age range -  infant to 62

    • Circumstances listed by PGMs: 

      • Unemployed on Disability – 3

      • Underemployed – 1

  • 16 return visits, representing 58 of the 97 total Member clients.

  • 553 separate clothing, hygiene, cleaning items “purchased” w MPNFP Voucher Points.

    • Divided by 97 = 5.5 items / client / visit

 Hamilton County Community Corrections referrals
           Glenn connected with the Women's Field Coordinator in late March and started referring clients to us the next day. Two months later we were assisting referrals from the Men's Field Coordinator as well. Community Corrections serves as both an alternative to prison for persons convicted of low level felonies and a step-down transition between prison and freedom. The rules are the same either way, and getting/keeping a job to pay for the stay is a at the top of the list.
           Although there are an abundance of job openings and a shortage of applicants in this (hopefully-close-to) post-Covid economy, there are some things employers won't/can't compromise on when it comes to hiring and keeping employees - job appropriate clean clothing and good personal hygiene. In other words, you can't get or keep a job if you can't wear the right clothes, or you have the right clothe but can't keep them clean, and/or can't  keep yourself clean and situationally presentable. 
           We don't care how or why clients need our assistance, the past is the past. Giving clients clothes, toothpaste, and spray cleaner, etc. is a temporary solution to present day needs. Giving clients freedom of choice over the style of clothing, brand of toothpaste, and scent of spray cleaner, etc., along with the responsibility and trust to choose wisely, restores the dignity, self-esteem, and confidence essential to believe in and pursue a brighter tomorrow. The future really does start today - individually and as a community of individuals.