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Our mission as a 501c3 nonprofit organization is to provide free and consistent

access to weather, work, and school-appropriate clothing,

personal care/hygiene products, and cleaning supplies - quality of life

necessities - to financially insecure members of the Hamilton County,

Indiana and neighboring community. ​


Our vision is to carry out the mission in a way that affirms and 

restores clients’ dignity, self-esteem, and confidence

intangible quality of life necessities.​

WHY A NON FOOD PANTRY? lists 30 or so food pantries throughout the county,

some dating back to the mid-1990’s, but until MPNFP opened July 30, 2020,

access to no-cost work, weather, and school appropriate clothing, personal

hygiene products, and cleaning supplies was sporadic at best. 


  1. Request Assistance 

    • no proof of need required (unless circumstances indicate program being misused)

    • provide basic demographic and situational info for self and Group Account Members, if any, including minors

    • review and sign Participation Rules & Procedures form

  2. Receive points based on number and ages of Account Member(s)

    • ​​accounts may refill points on or after 30 days

    • points may only be carried over through 1 refill

  3. Shop with points like cash

    • all clothing, accessories, and 32 categories of personal hygiene and cleaning products​

    • we almost always have at least 1 of each category in stock

    • we try to have at least 2 different brands/forms/sizes/etc. to choose from

    • freedom of choice and a budget – as “normal” a shopping experience as possible

  4. Bonus items

    • ​​household goods such as blankets, bed and bath linens, cookware/dishes

    • no point values assigned – free based on need and availability


 "When a corporation goes beyond its initial product line and area of service, it’s called brand extension. In nonprofits, we call it mission creep, and because charities are in the business of changing the world, their leaders often cannot seem to stop themselves from seeing every need as a call. The result is too many directions, no mission clarity, diffused expertise, and donor confusion."

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