Inventory Donations           

      "When a corporation goes beyond its initial product line and area of service, it’s called brand extension. In nonprofits, we call it mission creep, and because charities are in the business of changing the world, their leaders often cannot seem to stop themselves from seeing every need as a call. The result is too many directions, no mission clarity, diffused expertise, and donor confusion." other words, don't bite off more than you can chew. 


       Focusing our mission on providing free and consistent access to work, weather, and school appropriate clothing, personal care/hygiene products, and cleaning supplies  in a way that can restore dignity and self-esteem – a hand up to brighter days.   

        This chart clarifies ways to help us help the community  directly with inventory donations and indirectly with financial assistance to provide a safe and inviting location for our clients.   


                                               Clothing                      Hygiene Products                    Cleaning Supplies

     New/Unopened                   YES                                     YES                                          YES


     Like New                            YES                                      NO                                            NO     


     Dignity Drives                     NO                                      YES                                          YES           

       Funds to Purchase*           YES                                     YES                                          YES


                            *When solicited and/or donated to fill a specific clothing need, such as work

                             boots, or restock most-requested items like deodorant and laundry detergent

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