"When a corporation goes beyond its initial product line and area of service, it’s called brand extension. In nonprofits, we call it mission creep, and because charities are in the business of changing the world, their leaders often cannot seem to stop themselves from seeing every need as a call. The result is too many directions, no mission clarity, diffused expertise, and donor confusion." https://valcort.com/7-reasons-nonprofits-flounder-or-fail/


In other words, trying to

do too much too soon

makes it too hard to do

any of it effectively.

Marilyn’s Place can neither

change the world

nor meet every need

in one small part of it.

Our mission

is limited to providing

weather and situationally appropriate clothing,

toiletries, and cleaning

supplies - the second tier

of necessities - in a way

that aligns with our

“hand up” vision. 

                                                   Inventory Donations           


        The same is true whether the currency is cash or points - stores can’t sell 

  what they don’t have. The four categories of inventory Marilyn’s Place will provide and need help filling

  are listed across the top of the chart below; the row on the left clarifies the ways you can help us fill them. Please!       


                                         Clothing                 Towels/Blankets                 Toiletries                 Cleaning Supplies

New/Unopened                   YES                               YES                               YES                                   YES


Like New                             YES                               YES                                NO                                    NO     


Dignity Drives                    NO                                  NO                                YES                                   YES           


Cash to Purchase               YES*                              NO                                YES                                   YES

                                      *specific need 


             Monetary Donations  &  Operating Assistance


        Goodsearch and GoodShop                                         

     By creating a Goodshop and Goodsearch                                              AMAZON SMILE

account at https://www.goodshop.com/nonprofit/                                                                 

marilyns-place-incorporated-noblesville-in and

making Goodsearch your home default search                                                  

engine, 1 cent is donated to the cause of your

choice every time you hit Enter to surf the 'net.

And by registering your credit/debit on the site,

the nonprofit will receive a donation of 2 to 8

percent of the total purchase (before tax and


       It's surprising how quickly one penny

donations can add up - in just the first 2 weeks

after Marilyn's Place Inorporated was approved

and added to the donee list, Goodsearch was

used 51 times, earning 51 cents for Marilyn's

Place doing something that would have been

done anyway. 

       Of course we hope you choose Marilyn's

Place Incorporated as your cause, but your

search-earned donations are as needed, and

appreciated, by every 501c3 nonprofit listed. 





Help us raise money for Marilyn's Place Non-Food Pantry!


Order and schedule your spring mulch delivery with Haulstr, a local mulch delivery service that will donate on average $25/order back to us!


Order today: haulstr.com/marilynsplaceinc