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In the retail world, inventory refers to the goods and materials a business makes or



purchases to then sell to customers in exchange for immediate or future cash payment(s).

In MPNFP's world, inventory refers to the donated work, weather, and school-



appropriate clothing, hygiene products, and cleaning products we process and make



available for clients to purchase with voucher points.


                                                                           Hygiene             Cleaning

                                               Clothing            Products            Supplies  

      New/Unopened                YES                      YES                    YES


     Used - Like New               YES                      NO                      NO     


     Dignity Drives                   NO                      YES                     YES


     Funds to Purchase           YES*                    YES                    YES



               *When solicited/donated/awarded to fill a specific


                   clothing need such as work boots, heavy socks

  • Wearing someone else's gently used clothing is      fine as long as it's clean - who didn't wear hand        --me-downs growing up?         

  • Using someone else's              hygiene and cleaning products is unsanitary          & just plain gross - even        if it was only one time.

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