• Raising funds for operating expenses is the biggest impediment to starting and sustaining an organization that must rely on the kindness of strangers to exist.              

  • MPNFP holds inventory (clothing, hygiene products, and cleaning supplies) donations in trust only long enough to process them in, put them on the floor, and process them out the door with intended donees.     

  • Operating funds are necessary to ensure that we have a place to do that, the means to keep it clean, safe, and inviting, telephone service and internet access, and the ability to supplement hygiene and cleaning product inventory donations when necessary.

     Donate to Sell/Shop to Donate ["D2S/S2D"] evolved from selling donated exercise equipment through Facebook Marketplace to holding a Tag Sale & Open House to an ongoing multi-platform program for raising operating funds by offering donors the opportunity to declutter without the hassle of selling online or in their yard and with the knowledge that the funds generated by their donation(s) will directly benefit their community -  individually and collectively.

“Local charities have fewer layers of administration than international or national charities and more of your dollars are likely to go directly to delivering the service the charity or non-profit was established to provide. In the end, giving closer to home improves our city’s quality of life and helps to build a stronger local community."


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