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We are actively searching for a space that can handle a "reverse mullet operation" - office in the back, shopping in the front. If not in Noblesville, must be on a regular bus route. Please let us know if you have or know of a place like that. Until then mail will find us at 607-B Maple Avenue, Noblesville, IN 46060

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Our Inspiration
Our Philosophy 

Those who are in need

deserve the same grace and care

we would extend to any other individual;

it is up to us to respect their human dignity,

which is neither less nor different from

the dignity of any other human being.


Marilyn's Place 

Non-Food Pantry




Brief Overview


       Our mission and specific purpose for MARILYN’S PLACE INCORPORATED is to provide free and equal access to non-food commodities such as clothing, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and other donated items to members of Hamilton County and neighboring communities in need of such assistance. Our vision is to do so in a way that can promote and uphold the dignity, self-esteem, and well-being of our patrons. Our unique model combines a modified retail setting and freedom of choice voucher system designed to accomplish these ideals.  And it all started with a jacket...     


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The Mission in Motion

      Food, shelter, and water are top tier necessities - essential for life. Appropriate clothing, toiletries, and cleaning supplies are second level essentials - necessary for a productive and reasonably comfortable life. Fortunately, several Hamilton County churches operate food pantries to meet the survival needs of local residents struggling to do so on their own. Marilyn’s Place will do the same thing for those secondary, non-food commodities that job applicants, students, parents, ie. all humans are expected and assumed to have access to. 


       While Marilyn’s Place can’t end poverty, our voucher-point shopping model can make a dent in it by rekindling clients’

hope and sense of self-worth. Donor Determined Aid (PC term for handout) is efficient and effective at alleviating the physical aspects of poverty, but it can also intensify the stress and distress (feeling worthless, hopeless, humiliated) inherent to

extreme financial insecurity. Simply giving clients the ability and responsibility to choose how available funds (points) are

spent, like any shopper in any other store, can restore dignity, confidence, and optimism – the hand up to a brighter future embodied in our logo.  

       Our qualification policy and process is simple, objective [based on poverty and/or living wage standards], and necessary to ensure our ability to help those truly needing assistance and choosing products for personal use rather than profit. Voucher applications are reviewed and considered regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, sexual preference, or any other personal characteristic or belief of any applicant. Multiple Member Unit (MMU) vouchers are not subject to any marital, cohabitation, blood relation, or other such restriction(s). However, every member must qualify as an individual or dependent (minors and disabled adults requiring similar care) applicant and may only be listed on one active [available points balance]  Single or MMU voucher; knowingly “double dipping” vouchers is strictly prohibited and may result in permanent disqualification as an individual or MMU applicant.