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Those who are in need

deserve the same grace and care

we would extend to any other individual;

it is up to us to respect their human dignity,

which is neither less nor different from

the dignity of any other human being.

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Mission, Vision, & Method

   Our mission as a 501c3 nonprofit organization is to provide free and consistent access to 

weather, work, and school appropriate clothing, personal care/hygiene products, and cleaning

supplies - quality of life necessities - to financially insecure members of the Hamilton County,

Indiana, and nearby communities in need of such assistance. ​


                     Our vision is fulfilling our mission in a way that affirms and restores clients’ dignity,

        self-esteem, and confidence - intangible quality of life necessities. 

      Our unique model combines a modified retail setting and freedom of choice

voucher point system designed to accomplish both. 

What's a Non-Food Pantry &
Why Does Hamilton County, Indiana Need One?

       Food and water are survival necessities. Fortunately, Hamilton County has a well-founded network of food pantries to assist residents meet those needs. Weather/work/school appropriate clothing, personal hygiene products, and cleaning supplies are quality of life necessities. So are dignity, self-esteem, and confidence. Unfortunately, those needs were not being met with any consistency when Marilyn's Place Incorporated was founded. We designed Marilyn's Place Non-Food Pantry to provide the commodities clients need, when they need them, in a way that's as close to a normal shopping experience as possible, including a limited budget and freedom of choice over what to buy as well as the brand, size, flavor, form, etc. But instead of cash our clients pay with voucher points.     

​       Our Qualification Policy and Process is simple, objective [based on poverty and/or living wage standards], and necessary to ensure our ability to help those truly needing assistance and choosing products for personal use rather than profit. Requests for assistance are reviewed without regard to the race, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, sexual preference, or any other personal characteristic or belief of any applicant. Group vouchers are not subject to any marital, cohabitation, blood relation, or other such restriction(s); every member must, however, qualify as an individual or dependent (minors and disabled adults requiring similar care) applicant and may only be included on one active [available points balance] account at a time; knowingly “double dipping” voucher points is strictly prohibited. Violations will generally lead to permanent disqualification of the individual(s) as well as the Group's Primary Member and/or assisting Group Members.